Moov HR Sweat review : Accurate heart rate from the head combines with Moov’s great coaching skills

The Moov HR Sweat set out to deliver HIIT workouts with accurate heart rate monitoring and coaching that really pushes you. Did it achieve that? Yes it did, albeit you have to accept that wearing a pretty silly looking headband is part of the deal. Investing in the Moov Now is also something you need to factor in as well, otherwise you’re not going to reap the benefits of the great running and cycling workouts that are included. There’s a lot to like about the HR Sweat, but there’s also a few things that prevent us from loving it in the same we loved the Moov Now.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho moov hr sweat

The Moov HR Sweat is a fitness-focused wearable that’s all about monitoring heart rate-driven workouts and combining that with real-time coaching to make sure you’re really putting in the maximum effort.

Successor to the Moov and the Moov Now, winner of our Sports Wearable of the Year at the first ever Wareable Tech Awards, the HR Sweat is clearly trying to capitalise on the big HIIT (high intensity interval training) fitness trend that’s happening right now, where the emphasis is on more intense workouts for shorter periods of time.

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