HP Stream 11 (2017) Review

Don’t be fooled by the HP Stream 11’s cute, candy-hued exterior — it has some serious computing cred inside. The $200 HP Stream 11 delivers long battery life, great audio and strong performance for the price. HP cuts some corners by using a dim display and the laptop’s bottom gets uncomfortably warm, but the lightweight Stream 11 is one of the best sub-$200 Windows laptops on the market and a great choice for kids.


You either love or hate the toy-like look of the updated HP Stream 11; there is no middle ground here. It comes in a vibrant aqua blue or purple, where the shade infuses everything from its horizontally grained cover to its touchpad, but not the white keyboard. This laptop could be a great choice for students who just want something fun and small to bring to school.. However, the Stream doesn’t look professional enough to bring to a meeting with corporate investors.

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