Mixcder Shareme Pro Headphone Hands on Review

When we first got our hands on the Mixcder Shareme 7, a month and a half ago, we were skeptical that this new kid on the block was just another wannabe company with an inferior cheap product.  But after thorough testing and review we were pleasantly (and unexpectantly) surprised with the audio and build quality of Mixcder’s inaugural product (visit our review here )  

The Mixcder Shareme Pro, by its name, gave us great expectations that this successor would be a vast improvement over its predecessor, which it is in many respects. As with the Shareme 7, the Shareme Pro offers an extremely comfortable and soft over-the-ear listening experience, with its supple synthetic protein leather ear cushions and headband. With its extendable stainless steel headband and over-the-ear speakers that can rotate upto 90 degrees, Mixcder has produced a versatile product that fits your unique sizing without much effort. All while offering a product that is quite sturdy and light-weight.However, while it’s generally accepted that over-the-ear headphone users give up aspects of portability for the sake of audio quality, it seems the Pro has lost its way in this respect. With the Shareme 7, Mixcder designed the headset with the ability for the speakers to fold inwards, giving it a smaller footprint in terms of portability.

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