Logitech G413 Keyboard Review: Mechanical Minimalism

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Logitech G413 Keyboard

If you want a mechanical keyboard from a major manufacturer, you usually have to open your wallet wide and dig deep. That’s not the case with the Logitech G413, which marries the company’s mechanical keyboard expertise to an agreeable, $90 price tag. While the G413 isn’t nearly as robust as Logitech’s colorful 810 Orion Spectrum or as compact as the tenkeyless G Pro keyboard, it’s a great deal cheaper than those products, but doesn’t sacrifice performance. The G413 features comfortable key switches and an attractive design, and all you’ll have to sacrifice is a little customizability.


The G413 has an industrial, stripped-down feel (appropriate, considering the keyboard’s stripped-down price). Rather than the standard black, plastic shell, the G413 instead features raised keycaps over a brushed-metal platform. The metal is usually black, although a Best Buy-exclusive Silver variant features a color scheme to match its name.

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