The best 15 turntables of What Hi-Fi?’s lifetime

Our celebration of Record Store Day means we get to pay homage to the 15 best turntables What Hi-Fi? has spun in its four decades.

It would be difficult to call yourself a real audiophile without being a fan of the qualities of vinyl and, as Record Store Day comes around again, more and more people are joining the ranks.

But what good is loving vinyl without a having a decent turntable to play it on? And while we’ve been diligently tracking the best turntables you can currently buy – whether that’s on a budget or USB-compatible –  we like to take a trip down memory lane as much as anyone.

So with the likes of Linn, Audio Technica, VPI, Pro-Ject, Michell and Systemdek making an appearance, these are the very best turntables we’ve heard since the first issue of What Hi-Fi? was published over 40 years ago.

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