Living with Asteroid OS – The open source Android Wear alternative

Asteroid OS is an open source, Linux-based smartwatch OS developed primarily by a French student and hoping to take on the might of Android Wear — so does it stand a chance?

We strapped on an LG G Watch and installed Asteroid OS to put it through its paces and see whether this fledgling OS has what it takes to ruffle Google’s feathers. On paper it ticks all the right boxes, with some interesting ideas and a stylish-looking interface, so we’re hopeful that it can eventually emerge as a genuine Android Wear alternative.

Living with Asteroid OS

It’s important to bear in mind that Asteroid OS is currently at the alpha stage of its development, which is even earlier than beta. In other words, it’s not ready for the world at large, and so a lot of the bugs we noticed are to be expected with software at this point.

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