LG Watch Sport review : A superb model to show off the new Android Wear 2.0

The LG Watch Sport is a perfect showcase for Android Wear 2.0. It’s big, but it’s also clever, with some solid fitness chops and other standalone features that make it feel truly independent from your phone. An influx of new smartwatches is just around the corner, but this is just what Android Wear needed. It’s not only a great start for the revamped OS, it’s the best Android Wear smartwatch so far.

LG Watch Sport

Oh how we’ve longed for Android Wear 2.0 to make its grand entrance. We waited, and we waited, and then we moaned a bit, and waited some more. But it’s finally here, and with two brand spanking new smartwatches to flaunt its stuff – the LG Watch Sport being the main event.

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