LG TONE Free TWS earbuds clean themselves with UV light

Truly wireless stereo earbuds have become the fad these days, mostly thanks to the popularity of Apple’s AirPods. But as any owner of such earbuds can attest to, those small things that you put in your ears every day can accumulate a lot of dirt, including bacteria that you can’t see. To give its customers a bit of confidence, LG is launching a new pair of earbuds that can keep themselves clean of those harmful elements, thanks to a now more popular ultraviolet light treatment.

LG mentions studies that claim how earbuds can host more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board, an imagery that’s sure to send shivers down some people’s spines. To remedy that, the new LG TONE Free HBS-FN6’s “UVnano case” uses built-in UV light to kill that bacteria while the buds charge inside. Unfortunately, that UVnano case isn’t available for the lower-end HBS-FN4.

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