Lenovo Explorer review : The Windows Mixed Reality family gets bigger

Windows Mixed Reality is very young so it’s hard to stamp a verdict on the platform, but Lenovo’s Explorer headset is a perfectly serviceable way into it. It’s light, comfortable and offers VR with controllers for the same price as the Oculus Rift, which may actually be a problem until Microsoft’s platform gets more games. But with SteamVR support now rolling out, they’re definitely coming.

That it’s hard to explain, in great detail, why the Lenovo Explorer is different to the handful of other Windows Mixed Reality headsets is both a good and bad thing. Bad for me having to write it, and maybe a little bad for Lenovo in carving out a unique space in the crowd of VR headsets, but good for Mixed Reality as a whole in achieving its goal of VR parity.

That’s not to say the Explorer is identical to all the others, and there are a few key differences I’ll highlight, but the visual quality of the VR is more or less what you’ll find on the HMDs from Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus; Samsung’s is a tad more premium.

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