iT7 Audio iT7x2i review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho iT7 Audio iT7x2i

iT7 Audio popped up around four years ago with one of the less likely celebrity headphone tie-ins: ex-Aston Villa player Ian Taylor. As endorsements go, it wasn’t quite Dr Dre – but at least the era of celebrity headphones is more-or-less over.

The iT7x2is are a new version of the iT7xs we tested back then, but with a lower price and a classier design. While not category leaders, they are a good buy for those who want wireless headphones without spending a packet.

Build and comfort

The iT7 Audio iT7x2is are full-size wireless headphones with just enough pizzazz to let them fit in next to big-brand pairs at twice the money. They are mostly plastic, but there’s a thin veneer of brushed aluminium on those parts of the headband not covered with padding.

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