HTC 10 vs LG G5: What’s the rumoured difference?

We’ve already seen a couple of the big Android flagships launch this year but there are a few we are still waiting on, one of which comes from HTC. The company opted not to use Mobile World Congress to unveil its next smartphone creation, with an event set for 12 April instead.

The show in Barcelona did reveal what LG and Samsung both had up their sleeves however, with the announcement of the G5, Galaxy S7 and theGalaxy S7 Edge. All three devices were well received begging the question, what will HTC add to the table with its new flagship?

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the official specs of the HTC 10, as it is being called in the rumours, but there is still enough speculation to put it up against the LG G5 to see how the two Android flagships might compare, based on the rumours.

HTC 10 vs LG G5: What's the rumoured difference?

There have been plenty of leaks when it comes to the HTC 10 and its design. Rather than taking from its predecessor – the One M9 – it looks like HTC will follow the same path as the One A9, in terms of the front at least.

From the leaked images, you can expect a metal body with chamfered edges on the front and rear, a fingerprint sensor on the front flanked by capacitive buttons, a serrated power button on the side and no BoomSound. Rumoured measurements are 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6mm, which is the same as the One M9, and it has also been claimed that HTC would be adding some degree of waterproofing to its new flagship.

The LG G5 also has a metal body, although it has a modular element to it, allowing for a replaceable battery by removing the bottom of the device, as well as the attachment of what LG calls Friends – more on those in a second. It measures 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm and weighs 159g so while it is a little taller and wider than the reported measurements of the HTC 10, it is slimmer.

LG’s flagship has no waterproofing on board, but there is a fingerprint sensor, which is placed on the rear beneath the camera.

It’s not clear what size or technology the HTC 10 will offer in terms of display as reports contradict each other. Some claim it will offer a 5.1-inch screen, while others have claimed a 5.2-inch display. There have also been suggestions ofHTC switching to AMOLED like it did with the One A9, but there have also been reports of the company sticking with Super LCD, which is the technology present on its previous flagships.

What the reports do seem to agree on is that HTC will offer a Quad HDresolution. If this is the case, the HTC 10 will offer a pixel density of either 565ppi or 577ppi, depending on the size it selects.

The LG G5 has a 5.3-inch display, which is therefore larger than both reported sizes for the HTC 10. It is an LCD display so if HTC opts for AMOLED, you can expect richer and more vibrant colours than the G5, but probably a little more unrealistic too.

The G5 has a Quad HD resolution, which means it offers a pixel density of 554ppi. This therefore suggests HTC 10 will probably offer a sharper image on paper if the rumours are true, but with such a minute difference, the human eye won’t notice.

The HTC 10 has seen a couple of different rumours surrounding its rear camera. One report claimed we would see a 23-megapixel rear sensor, but there have been a couple of other reports suggesting it would in fact be a 12-megapixel rear sensor. Apparently, the HTC 10 could have the same sensor as the Nexus 6P with 1.55µm pixels. It is also expected to have features including laser assisted phase-detection AF, optical image stabilisation and a dual tone flash.

Less rumours have circulated around the HTC 10’s front-facing snapper, but a 5-megapixel sensor has been thrown about.

The LG G5 has dual rear cameras comprising of a 16-megapixel sensor and a 135-degree wide-angle 8-megapixel sensor. It too offers features including laser auto-focus and optical image stabilisation and there is an LED flash on board. The front-facing camera is 8-megapixels, which at the moment looks like it will mean the LG offers a higher resolution than the HTC for selfies and video calling.

The HTC 10 is rumoured to be coming with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820processor. This is said to be supported by 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and microSD for further expansion. There hasn’t been as much talk on the battery capacity, but 3000mAh has been suggested.

Based on the leaked images, you can also expect USB Type-C to be on board for the HTC 10, meaning faster charging and data transfer. As we mentioned previously, it looks like BoomSound won’t be present for the HTC 10 but that’s not to say the new device won’t be capable when it comes to audio. Rumour has it the HTC 10 might offer high-res audio with MQA support.

The LG G5 also opts for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. It too comes with a microSD slot for further storage expansion and USB Type-C but the battery capacity is a little smaller than the expected spec for the HTC 10 at 2800mAh. That said, LG’s battery is replaceable as we mentioned, and one of the “Friends” offered by removing the bottom of the device is a special DAC for better audio capabilities. The LGG5 has 24-bit DAC within the headphone socket though.

The HTC 10 will no doubt launch with Android Marshmallow, just as the LG G5did. You won’t get the same software experience however as both companies add their own skins on top of Android’s software.

HTC’s device might offer a closer to raw Android experience than LG’s however. It has been rumoured the HTC 10 will launch with a refined version of Sense, called Sense 8.0_GP. It is claimed to be a lighter version than previous iterations, offering users a close to stock Android with the best of Sense.

LG also refined its latest Optimus UX software for the G5 by removing the app launcher but it’s still very much LG software with Android underneath rather than Android with touches of LG.

The LG G5 is a great device and it stole headlines when it launched because it managed to be a little different. The rumours suggest the HTC 10 will give it a good run for its money though.

If the speculation is true, both these handsets will have a metal build, both will offer the same powerful hardware and both will deliver a good camera experience.

LG has already proved itself in all these areas, especially the camera, while theHTC 10 will still need to do this when it arrives. Based on the rumours though, there doesn’t look like there will be much in these two devices. For all the rumours surrounding the HTC 10 you can read our separate feature, or to find out what we thought about the G5, read our review.


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