Hands on: Withings Steel HR review

Withings’ latest watch, the Steel HR, is an analogue activity-tracking device that doesn’t look like your average fitness tracker – but it does everything you’ve come to expect from a wrist-based fitness band.

The Withings Steel HR is a fashionable watch that you won’t be embarrassed to wear, and you also get the benefits of your typical fitness tracker, such as the Fitbit Charge 2.

The analogue watch face means you don’t have to try to focus on bouncing numbers to tell the time when running or working out, while you do get the benefits of knowing how healthy you are.

Withings Steel HR release date and price

There are two versions of the Withings Steel HR, one with a 36mm face and another with a 40mm version. In the pictures throughout this review the white face is the 36mm version and the black face is the larger watch.


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