Hands on: TomTom Touch review

TomTom is a brand synonymous with in-car navigation technology, but the company would like to take over your wrist, too – and the TomTom Touch may be just the device to do it.

The Touch is the first fitness tracker from the company, TomTom has previously made more hardcore fitness watches such as the Spark, and it’s clear the company has reason to bide its time.

For a first attempt, the Touch is quite impressive from TomTom. It costs $129.99 or £129.99 (about AU$227), so if you were to compare this price to a Fitbit, it’ll be the equivalent of a Fitbit Alta.


The Touch has a similar design to the Gear Fit and a similar shape to the Fitbit Alta with the tracker having a small screen to notify you of how many steps you’ve done and other important data, like the time and smartphone notifications.

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