Huawei MediaPad M3 review: An unfussy Android media tablet

The tablet market has stumbled. From everyone offering a tablet – in Windows, Android, iOS – things have dwindled. Even Apple’s iPad has slowed in pace.

The shift has been toward offering tablets that replace your laptop, devices designed for productivity, the iPad Pro, the Pixel C and any number of Switchand other hybrid devices.

Sometimes you just need a tablet to play and that’s exactly what Huawei’s MediaPad is designed to do. The MediaPad M3 saw its announcement at IFA 2016and we’ve been living with it to see if it fills that entertainment hole.

Huawei is slowly turning into a metal master, with a range of devices that are beautifully crafted. The MediaPad M3 fits into this category, offering up the 8.4-inch tablet with a unibody metal design.


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