Hands on: RavPower AC Power Bank Charger 27,000mAh review

Think about a battery charger and what usually comes to mind is a cheap plastic box with a USB port that charges your phone. The RavPower AC Power Bank Charger 27,000mAh (model number RP-PB055) couldn’t be further from that stereotype.


For starters, this charger comes with an AC outlet, one that can support devices rated at up to 100W, which is enough to power a 55-inch television, not to mention most laptops and even some desktop PCs.

And although it is not as powerful as say the MaxOak K2 (with its massive 50,000mAh capacity), this effort has some useful features that make it worth considering, especially if you’re after a charging companion to take on frequent trips abroad.

This PowerStation series 27,000mAh charger comes in a stylish semi-rigid casing that holds, other than the battery charger, two microUSB cables, a user guide, a travel pouch, travel adaptor and a power adaptor.

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