Garmin Fenix 5 Plus v Fenix 5: It’s the battle of the outdoor watches

We compare specs to find out if you really need to go for the latest Fenix

When Garmin went from the Fenix 3/Fenix 3 HR to the Fenix 5, it was a big leap in the series of serious sports watches. (There was no Fenix 4 in case you were wondering).

After introducing the Fenix 5 Series in 2017, which also included the slimmer Fenix 5S and the Fenix 5X, Garmin ushered in an updated collection of its top end wearable for outdoor enthusiasts with the Fenix 5 Plus series. We’ve already put the new Fenix 5 Plus to the test and we’ve been long term fans of the Fenix 5 since we reviewed back in 2017.

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