Ford Focus door latch issue catches NHTSA attention

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will investigate an issue affecting 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus vehicles that, at times, could prevent the doors from latching properly. The issue is said to affect about 400,000 of the vehicles, and according to some drivers, has at times manifested while the cars are in motion. The NHTSA revealed its plans in new documents released today; this is a similar probe to the one that ultimately lead to Ford and Lincoln recalls in 2015.

The NHTSA has revealed it received reports about latch troubles from 73 drivers, with one saying he or she suffered an injury when the door reopened after a closing attempt. Just as bad, some drivers say they have been forced to tie the doors shut in order to use the car or, if they can, they have stopped using the car over safety worries.

The issue, of course, is a potentially severe one, particularly if doors open when the car is in operation. According to a Ford spokesperson, the auto maker is working with the NHTSA to “understand how” the differences in latches between the Focus vehicles and previously recalled models “may affect the latches.”

According to Detroit News, these Ford Focus latches are made by a different vendor than the latches on Ford and Lincoln cars previously recalled. However, the latch design is said to be similar. Once the investigation is wrapped up, the NHTSA may prod Ford towards a recall.




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