Fitbit smartwatch investigation : Fitbit is hell bent on building an Apple Watch rival

Experts and insiders tell us what to expect – but is Fitbit missing a trick?

Fitbit is definitely building a ‘proper’ smartwatch. In case the clues of the acquisitions of not one but two smartwatch makers – Pebble and Vector – last year weren’t enough, we have it from Fitbit CEO James Park’s mouth. “We believe we are uniquely positioned to succeed in delivering what consumers are looking for in a smartwatch: stylish, well-designed devices that combine the right general purpose functionality with a focus on health and fitness,” Park said in a press release at the end of January.

So there it is. But what kind of smartwatch are we talking about? There were a couple of clues but not much to go on. So we turned to experts and industry insiders (some of who asked to remain anonymous) to help us figure out what to expect – and what not to expect.

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