Fitbit Ionic v Apple Watch Series 3: The fitness smartwatch brawl

Which one wins the day?

We have finally seen and played with Fitbit’s long-rumoured smartwatch, the Ionic, and it was inevitable that comparisons would quickly be made with the current king of the smartwatch game, the Apple Watch. Now, with the Apple Watch Series 3 having just landed, how do the two compare?

The Blaze used to be Fitbit’s best bet against Apple’s smartwatch, though it couldn’t truly measure up in all categories. But now? Now Fitbit has NFC payments, built-in GPS, music and apps. It’s also waterproof and, well, is much more of a fully-featured smartwatch.

Fitbit Ionic v Apple Watch Series 3

As for Apple, it’s bringing LTE in its new smartwatch, something you won’t find in the Ionic – but does it matter? You can also pick up Apple’s latest without the cellular extra, which is, for the most part, just the Apple Watch Series 2.

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