Fitbit Blaze v Apple Watch Series 2 : Battle of the stylish smartwatches

Apple Watch or Fitbit Blaze? We see how the two watches match up

Until the Fitbit smartwatch turns up, the Fitbit Blaze is the closest we’ve got to an actual smartwatch from the wearable giant. Inevitably comparisons were always going to be made with the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 2.

Whichever way you slice it, the Blaze is Fitbit’s first smartwatch, even if the company flat-out refuses to call it such. It’s a fitness watch, got it? And regardless of how much the company wants to avoid comparison to the Apple Watch, the truth is that people only have one wrist for tech – and for many, it will be a choice of whether to buy the Watch Series 2 or the Blaze.

That’s why we’ve compared specs and features in detail to see if the Blaze can out-muscle Apple’s second generation smartwatch.

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