ETVR Virtual Reality 3.0 Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ETVR Virtual Reality 3.0

When the cheap VR headset category started in 2014, it was an actual piece of folded cardboard with some lenses and a single button. Fast-forward to now, and you’ve got the ETVR Virtual Reality 3.0 headset (priced at $28.99) that improves upon just about every aspect of the concept. Instead of flimsy cardboard, you get a handsome device constructed from plastic, foam and faux leather with comfortable head straps, allowing for long viewing and playing sessions. Although we noticed a bit of light leakage, the ETVR is one of our top picks for consumers who want to experience VR without spending exorbitant amounts of money.


The ETVR Virtual Reality 3.0 headset has the slickest overall look of any of the cheap VR headsets I’ve tested. While it shares the basic plastic construction found across the board in this category, the decision to go virtually all black, coupled with details such as chrome focal knobs and added head-strap components, makes for a more premium look.

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