Eero Wi-Fi System review

I first checked out the Eero mesh Wi-Fi system at its launch. A set of three identical hardware units working in tandem to deliver Wi-Fi coverage over a residential property, the Eero brought much-needed streamlining to home Wi-Fi installation, but I was put off by its high cost, among other things. A year later, the Eero’s price remains the same — $499 for a set of three (roughly converted to AU$690 or £350), or $199 for a single unit (AU$140 or £70), but the field of competing devices has grown.

What’s changed with the Eero since its release is the fact that after numerous software updates, many of which derived from data Eero has gleaned from its customers’ real-world usage in the past year, the system is now slightly faster through a new approach to mesh networking Eero’s company calls TrueMesh. The Eero also now has Alexa integration and a much more polished mobile app. Between those updates and the expanded competitive field, it’s time to give the Eero another look.

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