View Quest Retro Mk II review

Technophiles have a range of tastes; some like the sleek and shine of a new smartphone, while others enjoy having a rotary phone hanging on the wall.

For those that seek the middle ground – modern functionality with a retro aesthetic – then the View Quest Retro Mk II radio will scratch that itch at an affordable price.


The VQ comes in an array of 11 bold colours, but for an extra £30/$45 you can choose a range of styles including polka dot and lemon print.

That same £30/$45 can also buy you a spare battery, so you can keep the radio playing away from the confines of a power socket.

The face of the VQ Retro Mk II features a clear, wide display that shows information such as the radio station and song you’re listening to, but also the time and volume level.

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