Early build of final Oculus Rift hardware starts shipping to devs

Things might finally be really getting along for the company that rebooted the whole virtual reality hype. Perhaps taking advantage of the delay that HTC’s and Valve’s Vive VR headset will suffer in the next few months, Oculus has announced that the early build of the final version of its Rift headset has started shipping out to developers. While not exactly the final build itself, it does hint at Oculus’ confidence that it is near the promised consumer release of the hardware, and the software, of course, next quarter.

The shipment of headsets goes together with the launch of the Rift SDK 1.0. As the version number implies, that is practically the gold master of the first version for the tool that will let developers craft virtual reality experiences, be it games or immersive media, for the Oculus Rift. Oculus even explicitly says that SDK 1.0 as well as the software runtime is tied to the consumer version of the product.

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