Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier review: Ingenious design, lacklustre performance

Design and controls

The Dyson Cool Link Towerair purifier features a unique design as opposed to a majority of air purifiers which I’ve come across that employ a similar working methodology. Most purifiers draw in polluted air from near ground level and expel purified air from the top. Dyson engineers saw an opportunity here and came up with a clever design, which provides the user with an additional feature over many other air purifiers. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower sucks in polluted air from the bottom, from all sides, and blows air from its approximately 2.2 feet long bladeless loop at the top. There is a thin aperture running along the circumference of the loop, which spews air and the device’s design makes intelligent use of air pressure to blow out cool air at a brisk rate using what the company calls “Air Multiplication” technology. Simply put, the device creates a low-pressure area near and around the loop by directing air over the curved surface of the tower. The air near this low-pressure area rushes in and thus we get better airflow, although only a portion of it is filtered air.

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