MSI GE73 VR Raider: Tool of a gaming enthusiast

Gaming Laptops have always been about performance over everything else. Most of these come in the universally accepted red and black attire and I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon. The latest 8th gen Intel powered MSI gaming laptops are a classic example. While the company is updating its entire product portfolio in India to the 8th gen Intel H (and above) series processors, we had the chance to check out the MSI GE73 8RF Raider prior to the media event. This new 17-inch machine seems like an improvement over its predecessor, not just on paper, but in person as well. With prices starting at Rs. 1,79,990 the GE73 8RF Raider is venturing into the enthusiast price bracket and yes by what we have seen and experienced in the small time with the machine, it seems quite inviting.

RGB all around

While the red and black paint job has been a staple for gaming laptops, more and more laptops are now offering RGB lighting as well. The MSI GE73 VR Raider, which sits (by price) somewhere in the middle of the company’s gaming lineup features both.

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