DirecTV NOW vs Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue: Streaming Showdown

The brave new world of live television is upon us, and it comes in three forms: PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and DirecTV NOW. Having multiple products to choose from is never a bad thing, but it does require more leg work. Which service has the features you can’t live without? Is there some hard-to-find fine print you should know about? Does the service you’re leaning toward offer the best value for your money? We’ve answered all those questions and more.


I personally use or have used all three of these services, and so you’ll find some personal perspective mixed in. It’s important to note that any of these three companies could tweak their products at any time, altering what is available, prices, and similar. We’ll add an update note if we change any of the information in this article at a later date, but you should always check before subscribing to make sure the features you want are still available.

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