Destek VR Headset Review : Ready for AR, Too

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Destek VR Headset Review: Ready for AR, Too

The Destek ($35.99) is a VR headset that offers the somewhat unique ability to remove the front panel and use it for augmented-reality (AR) apps as well. Now for most people, this is probably going to conjure up visions of Pokemon Go, but there are much more immersive AR experiences out there, likeViewR, that are designed to work within a headset and overlay helpful information about your world, creating a mixed-reality scenario. Companies like Apple and Microsoft have continually pushed the notion that AR has a stronger future than VR, so if you want a headset that can do both, you have your answer in the Destek.


The Destek doesn’t stray too far from the basic design that’s shared by most inexpensive virtual-reality headsets. It has a plastic body with a foam-padded back that’s covered in leather and a two-part head strap. However, it executes effectively on that design and offers a couple additional touches to help set it apart.

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