Charged up: After Huawei’s idea, let’s have more battery life chat

Maybe we don’t need Wear OS all day, everyday?

You know how it is, Huawei comes out in front with all the impressive innovation and Apple follows a few years later. Wait, what? Well, when it comes to smartwatches and one of my favourite subjects – battery life – that’s what’s going down right now.

When the Apple Watch Series 4 was announced a couple of months ago, I swooned over the new health features as much as the next fangirl but I also exclaimed out loud, in the Wareable office, “What, they didn’t even improve the battery life?”

The Series 4 costs £399 and is 2mm larger than its predecessor, on account of new ECG sensors etc, but its battery life is still just 18 hours or two days with careful use. In fact, that battery life is one of the only criticisms you can really make of the latest Apple Watch – along with Siri and the price.

Let's talk about battery life, baby

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