Campfire Audio Comet Hands-on Review – Unboxing and initial impressions


After the recent fanfare around the launch of Campfire Audio’s first over-ear headphone (the Cascade), they have decided that one release in 2018 isn’t enough to keep everyone busy, so they have released two new single driver models, the Comet and the Atlas. Both models use a new drop-forged stainless steel body and more “traditional” wear-down design. Whereas the Atlas is set to appeal to their existing high-end model clientele, the Comet is a model aimed firmly at the entry level of the current audiophile market. While $200 is still not an inconsiderable chunk of change for most people who haven’t fallen fully down the rabbit-hole in this wallet-unfriendly hobby. it is the cheapest Campfire Audio model to date, and an excellent way to get a taste of the CA “house sound”.

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