Campfire Andromeda Gold Edition Review

Special shoutout to my bro Rich Yeung for letting me demo his Andromeda Gold Edition for this review!    

New from Campfire, the Andromeda Gold is so fresh even MajorHiFi hasn’t received a review sample yet.  But luckily my friend Rich hooked me up with a demo of his model (SN 0081).  These earphones use the original design of the green Andromedas but with some twists and turns:  first off, we’ve got two more BA drivers in the low end.  But this earphone also employs a crossoverless design – a big feature Campfire has been touting on this Andromeda.  Lastly, there’s some slight tuning differences to adjust the sound.  At $1299, they aren’t the cheapest things Campfire has ever put out.  But how do they sound?

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