BTS Pro review : Bluetooth headphones let you tweak the sound with an app

Sporty Bluetooth 4.2 headphones from 66 Audio let you customize the sound and the button output with an app for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BTS Pro Bluetooth headphones

The BTS Pro headphones deliver good sound, impressive range, and long battery life, although the call quality and sweat resistance could be better.

Wired headphones: It seems like we just can’t shake them, even though they’re often harbingers of misery. They’re cheap and typically reliable, but the wires tangle or get snagged, ripping the headphones right off of our ears. But now Apple’s nudging us toward a wireless future, even though its own AirPods are delayed until who knows when. In the meantime, we can’t blame you for weighing your options.

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