Bragi Dash vs. Samsung Gear Icon X: Battle of the earbuds

Staying in shape can be hard work — and not just for your body. These days, fitness gadgets are everywhere, with companies like Fitbit, Nike, Garmin, and PowerBalance looking to earn a permanent spot on your wrists and your forearms. Wristbands and watches that measure your heart rate and track your fitness statistics have become commonplace, and consumers are now expecting more power features from their electronic workout companions than ever before.

Arm-based accessories aren’t the only gadgets that can make a serious impact on your daily burn, however. As wireless technologies like Bluetooth have grown, “smart” earbuds have begun to pop up on the market, offering a unique — and potentially game-changing — opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to ditch some of their fancy wearables and streamline their experience. These “hearables,” from which there are now several to choose, offer much the same functionality as a FitBit or a FuelBand for approximately the same price — plus they’re cool wireless headphones. The Bragi Dash and Gear IconX from Samsung are currently two of the biggest names in the “hearable” market, and we’re here to tell you which one is worthy of your moolah.

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