Best Apple Watch golf apps : Improvements to the Apple Watch now make it a great golf watch alternative

If you’re a golfer with an Apple Watch, your wearable is more than capable of doubling as a golf GPS watch.

A few years ago when the Apple Watch first debuted we’d have never recommended replacing your trusty golf watch with an Apple Watch app. Tethering to your phone for a GPS signal was painfully slow, apps were clunky and frankly unstable, and it was just an unpleasant experience.

But since the Apple Watch Series 2 – and now Series 3 – has GPS on-board, and a big performance boost, things are a lot different. Sure, these aren’t dedicated devices and therefore getting a reading can be a little slower than a “proper” golf watch – but our testing as now found them to be accurate and usable.

So read on for our pick of the Apple Watch golf apps worth trying out – including our top pick.

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