Best Apple AirPods alternatives: Smart earbuds to try out instead

There’s so much more to truly wireless life

Newsflash; Apple’s AirPods are not the only truly wireless earbuds out there. That might come as a surprise to lovers of all things Apple and yes, for those who don’t want to stick those toothbrush head-looking Pods into your ears, you do have options.

Those options are also smarter too and while still veer on the pricey side, will offer more features for your money. They’ll still do those all important things as well like letting you listen to music wire-free or take calls hands-free.

We’ve tested a bunch of other smart earbuds and picked out our favourites that you might consider trying out instead of Apple’s ones. Whether it’s a better fit, fitness tracking, or augmenting audio, there’s should be something for everyone here.

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