Atrial fibrillation explained: Why wearables want to look after your heart

Fitbit and Huami also want to make a difference in monitoring heart health

Apple beat Fitbit by bringing serious health monitoring to its smartwatch first on the Watch Series 4. But these are not the only two companies that are getting serious about health and thinking about life beyond helping you burn calories.

With heart rate monitors now a mainstay for fitness trackers and smartwatches, wearable makers want to take things further with heart rate tracking and use those onboard sensors to explore how it can take better care of your heart as well. Specifically, they’re looking at how to detect something called atrial fibrillation.

We’ve tried to get to grips exactly what atrial fibrillation is, why companies like Apple and Fitbit are trying to tackle it and find out about the wearables that are already trying to make a difference.

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