Atlas Wristband review : A rep counting gym wearable that’ll stand out for good and bad reasons

There’s a lot to like about the Atlas Wristband. First and foremost, it delivers what it promises. The ability to track a whole host of different exercises so you can focus on getting the most from your workout. The app and the data it records is easy to digest and unlike the GymWatch, it won’t feel like a daunting place for gym newbies. There’s definitely room for improvement though and I’m talking mostly about the hardware. For $200, I’d expect something that didn’t draw attention for its clunky look. I definitely feel like more could be done on analysing form, but maybe that will come. It’s a good starting point and the most reliable gym wearable I’ve used so far. If Atlas continues to improve the software, then maybe, just maybe, I can look past that ugly design.

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