Apple watchOS v Samsung Tizen: Battle of the smartwatch platforms

From app support to fitness, we see how the two operating systems match up

Apple versus Samsung. These two tech giants have been fighting it out on the phone front for years and now they’re tussling in the wearable tech space too.

Along with Android Wear, Apple’s watchOS and Samsung’s Tizen make up the biggest smartwatch operating system platforms and take very different approaches to smartwatches.

watchOS v Tizen: OS face-off

Whether it’s the UI, the apps or the hardware, there’s going to be things you’ll love and hate on both sides. The question is, which is the better of the two?

We’ve spent a good amount of time with the watchOS and Tizen-running smartwatches to find out.

Got any more questions about how the two operating systems match up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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