Apple Watch Series 4 v Fitbit Versa: Everyday smartwatches go head to head

How do these two mainstream watches compare on specs?

The new Apple Watch Series 4 and Fitbit Versa are two mainstream, unisex, everyday smartwatches with their own app stores and that take health and sports tracking seriously. So two of 2018’s (no doubt) most popular smartwatches have a lot in common.

But they’re far from identical. The Series 4 doesn’t work with Android phones. The Fitbit Versa is half the price. The new Apple Watch is going big on ECG. The Versa has a four day+ battery life.

Our Apple Watch Series 4 review hasn’t gone live yet so look out for a fully tested head to head in future, complete with a definitive verdict. For now, we’ll run down the design, specs and features of each watch and how they compare on paper.

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