Apple Watch Series 3 v Series 2: How the Apple smartwatches match up

We see how the new Watch compares to the now-retired one

For our money, the Apple Watch still ranks as the best smartwatch you can pick from the crop. With the arrival of the Series 3, Cupertino’s standing amongst the pack has been bolstered further.

Although the Series 2 is no longer on sale after being muscled out by its newer sibling, there’s now a decision to be made for those still rocking last year’s Watch and that’s whether they should upgrade to a Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 2 v Series 3: Discover the differences between the smartwatches

But just how do the devices differ when compared alongside one another? Well, below we’ll break down the design, features, price and battery in order to give you an extended look at how the two match up.

Apple Watch Series 2 v Series 3: Design

Whichever way you look at these two devices, there’s little to separate them in terms of outward design. Apple is still rolling with the same square-face look, so the biggest talking point here is the introduction of a red patch on the Digital Crown to signify the Watch’s leap into LTE.

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