Apple Watch Series 1 review : Back to the future

The Apple Watch Series 1 is what the first should have been. It’s smooth to use and Watch OS3 makes the experience even better. The Series 2 offers more for fitness, but if you’re not concerned with that then Series 1 is a cheaper – but still great – smartwatch. Just a shame you need an iPhone to use it.

Apple Watch Series 1

How often should smartwatches iterate? It’s a difficult question. Motorola isn’tseeing the benefit in doing it yearly, and it’s not the only one. Apple chose to wait 18 months between the first and second models of its smartwatch, but that may still have been short enough to irk those who spent a great deal of money on the first.

But it didn’t just launch a sequel in the Apple Watch Series 2; it refreshed and revamped the original model into what has become the Series 1, which lacks the built-in GPS, waterproofing and better screen of the Series 2. It does, however, trump the original model with a dual-core processor, making it noticeably faster.

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