Apple Watch 3 vs Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Comparison

The Apple Watch 3 and the Samsung Gear 3 Frontier are proof that the Samsung vs Apple rivalry has transcended the smartphone area and it continues on the realm of smartwatches as well, but, this relatively new market has proven to be a lot more difficult to enter and the competition a lot more fierce, so both Apple and Samsung had to significantly improve their devices with each new iteration.

Since its emergence in 2015, the Apple Watch has already undergone multiple changes (more in functionality and less regarding the design) and it has managed to quickly become a favourite thanks to its very elegant look, which is suitable with both casual and formal attire, while the interface has also nicely evolved from the first gen to one of the best I have encountered on a smartwatch (e.g, besides the Force Touch technology, the Apple Watch 3 can now make calls even if you left your iPhone at home) and it still is a great fitness tracker suitable for everyday workouts.

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