Apple AirPower – Everything we know about Apple’s wireless charging mat

AirPower is the name of Apple’s elusive wireless charging mat. The once-cancelled accessory has seen a resurgence in rumours these past few months, leading us to believe it could be making a comeback.

Apple originally unveiled the AirPower alongside the iPhone X in September 2017. Unlike many of the other wireless charging mats available at the time, the AirPower promised to be able to accommodate multiple devices in any orientation at the same time. This was credited to the 22 individual charging coils inside the mat alternating electromagnetic induction, emitting and receiving electromagnetic waves in both the charger and the device to power the device’s battery.

Front Page Tech founder Jon Prosser, in particular, has championed the return of the Apple AirPower in 2020, tweeting that the “AirPower isn’t dead” back in March. Prosser revealed that the project is back on internally, though there is no guarantee that Apple will release the final product.

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