And finally: The Apple Watch could soon monitor your blood pressure

That’s right, it’s time for And finally — your chance to look back on the lighter wearable tech stories from the past seven days.

Not only did we see Google follow Amazon’s surprise event last week with a stream of new products, including the Google Pixel Buds and the Google Home Max, but we also got our first look at the Samsung Odyssey, which appears set to become a flagship for the Windows Mixed Reality arsenal.

And finally: Apple and blood pressure

But that’s not all from this week, so read on for everything you might have missed.

Apple Watch monitoring blood pressure

Apple pushed further into health tracking with watchOS 4 and the Apple Watch Series 3, and now it could be gearing up to offer blood pressure monitoring to users.

That’s if a filing uncovered by the folks at Patently Apple is to be believed, with the company describing a method whereby its Apple Watch could pick up readings with a sensor-equipped strap.

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