Amazon Fire TV (2017) hands on review

The streaming device to beat them all? Amazon’s new Fire TV box has a fresh design, supports 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound, and costs just £69.99/$91.

Amazon is mounting an all-out assault on your home. Not content with an impressive selection of new, Alexa-powered smart speakers to fill your house with sound, there’s also a new Fire TV to take care of your video needs.

There’s a new design, an upgraded set of specs and a knockdown price to put the fear into everyone from Apple to Roku. Is the all-new Fire TV the ultimate 4K streaming device?


Amazon has ditched the traditional box design seen on the last-generation Fire TV (now discontinued).

Instead the all-new Fire TV has taken a design cue from the Google Chromecast Ultra, and takes the form of a small, square box, complete with attached, dangling HDMI cable. It’s no longer a set-top box, more a streaming dongle.

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