Amazon Dash Wand: What you can and can’t do with this Alexa device

A few years ago, Amazon quietly announced a new gadget, the Dash Wand, but it’s taken until now to give it a wider, official launch.

It’s basically giving the Dash Wand away for free. Prime members who spend $20 on the Dash Wand get a $20 Amazon credit and 90 days of free AmazonFresh grocery delivery, which costs $15 per month. But this Dash Wand is different from the original one. It looks different, and it comes with Alexa, so you can not only use it to order goods but also query Alexa and control your home.

That said, is it really something you need? Can anyone use it? Does the fun wear off after a while? And does it really have full Alexa? We’ve spent the last week playing with Dash Wand, and to be honest, we’re pretty impressed at what this gadget can do, considering it essentially costs nothing to get ahold of, and the ability to easily scan and add stuff to our Amazon cart is absolutely thrilling.

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