Rega RX5 review

The Rega brand has been built on four decade’s worth of class-leading turntables, and in recent years, a series of highly accomplished amplifiers. The company has made speakers for many years now, but few of these have held our attention (the recently-reviewed RX1 speakers being a good example).

Sadly, the same applies to the RX5 floorstanders.

That’s not down to their appearance or engineering – there’s much to admire here in both respects. To our eyes these look smart and stylish, hiding a fairly generous internal volume in a slim, but deceptively deep cabinet.

The 18mm thick MDF enclosure is beautifully made, and available in walnut, cherry and black ash real wood veneer options. They’re around 84cm tall, which means they’re unlikely to look oversized, even in more modest rooms.

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