7 Reasons Roku Ultra Beats Apple TV

Roku Ultra vs. Apple TV

Roku Ultra vs. Apple TV

The Apple TV ($150) has an innovative remote control with sophisticated Siri search, and soon a companion TV app will let you access all your shows from one place. Compared with the Roku Ultra($130), though, that’s about all Apple’s set-top box has going for it. The Roku Ultra is not only cheaper, but offers better picture quality, more shows to watch and better methods of finding those programs.Here’s a closer look at how the Roku Ultra outshines the Apple TV.

4K Support

While the Apple TV’s 1080p video streams are beyond reproach, they’re still only one-quarter as crisp as they could be. The Roku Ultra offers full support for 4K and high-dynamic range (HDR) content, meaning you’ll be able to experience better visuals and a richer color spectrum. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and a handful of other platforms already offer content at UHD resolutions, and more providers will follow suit.

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