2018 Blocks smartwatch Hands-on Review : The Blocks modular smartwatch feels too late to the party

CES 2018: Modularity is an uphill battle

The Blocks smartwatch was announced back in 2015, which in the relatively short timeline of modern wearables, feels prehistoric. So much has changed since then – new companies have entered, others have left – and all the while Blocks has kept us waiting. At CES 2018, the company announced it was going to start shipping watches to backers ahead of a wider launch later in the year. Blocks has already missed two planned launch windows, but it really isready to go now.

Let’s just quickly cover off what Blocks actually is. This is a $259 modular smartwatch; you buy the “core” unit and then add individual modules to the strap, each performing a unique function. Out the gate there will be six, costing $35 each, but the company has a long list of ideas for more.

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