2018 Blocks smartwatch Hands-on Review : The Blocks modular smartwatch feels too late to the party

CES 2018: Modularity is an uphill battle The Blocks smartwatch was announced back in 2015, which in the relatively short timeline of modern wearables, feels

Blocks modular smartwatch goes up for preorder

The Blocks modular smartwatch, which first came into public view via a Kickstarter campaign, is now available to preorder. The company has showcased the factory-ready

Here’s your chance to see the Blocks modular smartwatch in action

[su_youtube url=””] The Blocks smartwatch is nearly here, and the modular smartwatch has been going through some changes since we last saw it, as the

Blocks reveals updated design and glimpse at bespoke OS

Blocks, the modular smartwatch, is nearing the final stages of its Kickstarter run and getting ready to start making deliveries in May. This should be

Blocks Modular Smartwatch blasts Kickstarter goal with wacky wearable

The team behind Blocks have taken the idea behind a modular smartphone and applied to a smartwatch. Launching today on Kickstarter, the customizable wearable starts